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What Your Explosive Child Is Trying To Tell You is about children who have terrible temper tantrums and explosions at home and in school.  Published by Houghton Mifflin in August, 2008, it shows parents, teachers, and mental health professionals how to recognize, understand, and treat the hidden causes of explosive behavior.  It is availaable at all major book stores, through, and Barnes and Noble's web site,



Dr. Riley's best-selling book, The Defiant Child: A Parent's Guide To Oppositional Defiant Disorder, has guided over seventy thousand readers through the difficulties of raising a child or teenager who is attempting to ignore or defeat them at every turn. While it explains how defiant children and teens think, delving deeply into the mistaken ideas that lead them to believe that it is safe to ignore parents and challenge their authority, its chief purpose is to provide parents with a step by step plan to regain peace and harmony in the family.

Reviews of The Defiant Child:

"MUST READ for parents of a defiant child!!! As I thumbed through the pages I could not believe someone had written a book about my child. I have never felt so 'NOT' alone in my life. This book is easy to read and very easily applied to everyday life."
From a Barnes and Nobel reader, Tammy C., a mom of a defiant child., April3,2006, 5 stars

I gained more useful information, support and real-world techniques from this book than I did in many, many in-person pysch visits. The author truly knows what he is talking about, from real world experiences, not just text book theories. I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone dealing with an ODD child, it is the best resource I have found yet.
From a Barnes and Nobel reader and p
arent of an ODD son, A reviewer, September16, 2003, 5 stars

MUST READ for parents of a defiant child!!!
As I thumbed through the pages I could not believe someone had written a book about my child. I have never felt so 'NOT' alone in my life. This book is easy to read and very easily applied to everyday life.
From a Barnes and Nobel reviewer


No parent wants to watch helplessly as their child or teenager sinks further into depression. After reading The Depressed Child: A Parent's Guide To Rescuing Kids, you will have a clear understanding of the forces that cause depression, of how depressed children think, and most importantly, how to help them recover. While this book is particularly valuable for helping parents bring a child out of depression, it can also be used to ensure your child does not become depressed in the first place, as it exposes the very thoughts that cause depression. While it is always important to seek professional help for a depressed child or teen, Dr. Riley's guide to depression will teach you, the parent, how to lead the healing process.

Reviews of The Depressed Child: A Parent's Guide For Rescuing Kids:

As someone who has experienced child and adolescent depression from both directions - having been a depressed child and the mother of a depressed adolescent — I couldn't stop my head from nodding in agreement with each "hopeless belief" Dr. Riley uncovered and addressed in his most recent book, The Depressed Child: A Parent's Guide for Rescuing Kids. I quietly folded the book back together after reading the last chapter, filled with a sense of relief that help is out there!”
From J
. Wiley, reviewer


And now for some fun...

Children will enjoy Quark Blows His Top, a cartoon book by Dr. Riley about a lovable alien and his friends, all of whom explode too often (Quark is on the far left). By reading about Quark, your child will learn how to stay calm when faced with situations that usually result in meltdowns. Quark Blows His Top is a combination storybook, workbook, and coloring book for children between the ages of four and seven, and will be a valuable companion to What Your Explosive Child Is Trying To Tell You. School counselors will especially find it helpful to use in individual and group counseling with children whose classroom behavior is explosive or unpredictable.

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"I give this book a five-star rating. I cannot recommend it too highly. It ... saved my son from being sent to a residential treatment facility.
L. Weppler

"I have just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know... I have nominated you for a Nobel Peace Prize.... Your book was truly the first resource to provide concrete examples, alternative recommendations, and insight into the minds of the children... After only four days of reading this, significant harmony has been restored in our lives.... We no longer walk on eggshells... Phenomenal material."
C. Urbonas

"A very effective book for parents. This book has a no-nonsense approach.... I have used this book frequently to help manage my daughter's defiant ways. It has been a wonderful tool of strength for me.... This is a must-read book for parents in this situation and not expensive at all for the knowledge you gain. Thank you Dr. Riley."
From a Barnes and Nobel reviewer and parent

"This book not only describes the symptoms of depression, but also gives parents a plan to "rescue" their children. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is highly readable and understandable."
From an Amazon reviewer

"In The Depressed Child, Dr. Riley has crafted an accessible and supportive guide for parents of children in emotional distress. Speaking as a mother, this poignant and timely work is right on target in its exploration of how parents can successfully guide their children past the challenges of depression."
Julia Thorne, author of You are Not Alone: Words of Experience and Hope for the Journey Through Depression.